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It is rather difficult to find the words that will correctly define this notion. There is even an attempt to consider neoplasms as clonal cellular proliferations but it is not always welcomed to demonstrate clonality. So it is not always connected with neoplasia.

Still here we have to look through the definitions of various oncologists while talking about such a disease. According to the British oncologist Wills, for example, a neoplasm is an abnormal mass of tissue, the growth of which exceeds and is uncoordinated with that of the normal muscles.

Being an abnormal mass of tissue, as a result, neoplasm usually causes a tumor. Therefore, neoplasms could be specified as benign, pre-malignant or malignant. The first one is a tumor lacking all three of the malignant qualities of cancer. The benign tumor doesn’t transform in an intensive or assertive way, is not associated with surrounding muscles or metastasizes. In other words, this type of tumor expresses itself in moles and uterine fibroids. Pre-malignant neoplasm is represented by carcinoma in situ as a form of carcinoma. The conglomeration of neoplastic epidermal cells is usually the result of carcinoma in situ of the skin. If not treated in a proper way it may transform into a malignant neoplasm. The last ones generally grow into cancer.

Benign neoplasm is characterized with uterine fibroids which originate from myometrium. Fibroids are said to be observed in females and can be met within reproductive years mostly. Certain fibroids are able to be a reason for heavy and painful menstruation or even urinary urgency. Leiomyosarcoma is shown by the malignant version of a fibroid.

As mentioned above, the third type of neoplasm is represented by its serious form called cancer. And here we are to analyze its reasons and treatment thoroughly. Nowadays it appears to be one of the main disease leading to death not only in a certain country but all over the world as well. What are the main reasons for the appearance of this disaster inside a human organism? There usually exists a group of cells which are growing uncontrollably and in some cases rapidly. They have the possibility to spread inside the whole organism and damage surrounding muscles. The danger with such a type of neoplasm in comparison with benign tumors is that the first one is not self-limited.

You have to keep in mind that cancer should be everyone’s concern. No matter what your education, age or nationality are you have to be well-informed about all the factors it is caused by. When caught at the right time this disease should be treated professionally. According to the statistics over 7.6 million people died from cancer in 2007. The problem is that cancer could not be staved off. That means you don’t have any time to find a proper treatment, and in some cases you are even unaware of the processes occurring inside your body.

That’s why finding the reasons for this illness is a major goal of all the human specialists. We never can declare but we are able to guess. Hypothetically, tobacco smoke, various types of chemicals, disastrous radiation and diverse infectious agents may lead to the appearance of the destructive cells. Certain blood tests, MRIs, x-rays and CT Scans are possible able to detect the injured organs and catch the growth of the disease at the beginning. Today pathologists have the opportunity to perform the test on a piece of skin or organ for the histological grade of cancerous cells.

Another question arises here. If it’s almost impossible to define the beginning of the illness then how can people protect themselves? Still there exist some features that may point at an unpleasant disease such as swelling, pain, bleeding weight loss, poor appetite, fatigue or even nights sweats. All this could be easily resulted in constant cough, bone pain, enlarged organs and further referred as symptoms of metastasis.

How can we treat this disaster and is it possible to cure cancer. Nowadays specialists are trying to find all the imaginable ways out. But still we can name surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy. To remove a tumor and protect your organism at the beginning you are to be operated on. Sometimes though the problem arises when the organ could not be operated and in this case we come across necessary chemotherapy. It’s a complicated and long-lasting procedure requiring patience and time. Hopefully a tumor will disappear under the chemotherapy treatment and will not be able to grow and invade inside the whole body.

However, there are some means to prevent cancer. Unfortunately all you can do is to protect yourself from the appearance of the disastrous cells. Try to be on a proper diet, watch the quality of the food you consume, take vitamins or supplements to support the whole organism and necessarily make cancer screenings. The last procedure is very important because it may help you catch the early grade of cancer. This may assist you treat it carefully and not to let it develop. One more factor that point at the existence of the cancer is weight loss. Healthy people do not normally loose weight unpredictably. And if there are no any external factors which may reason your state than you have to take a note of this and consult your doctor. Also pay attention to nights sweats if you have any. In case something unusual is detected you should immediately response to it. As other procedures can be used confirm or refuse presence of the illness. Those other ones are mentioned above surgery and biopsies. Keep in mind that early detection will lead to a longer life.

Definitely, there are hundreds forms of cancer recognized today. Lung, colon, thyroid, melanoma, oral, pancreatic and throat cancer, diverse kinds of lymphoma and leukemia are the most well-known. Certainly not all of them are deadly because can be treated with chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. Still remember there is always easier to prevent than to cure.

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